Vessels for sale in Kiribati

Ship for SaleYearPrice, USD
🇨🇳 General Cargo (China) 2013US $17,199,654
🇨🇾 Container Ship (Cyprus) 2014US $29,558,912
🇬🇧 Passenger (United Kingdom) 2005US $2,938,723
🇻🇳 Passenger (Vietnam) 1979US $1,700,599
🇵🇹 Oil/Chemical Tanker (Portugal) 2008US $1,998,168
🇯🇵 Passenger (Japan) 2018US $10,535,280
🇻🇳 Passenger (Vietnam) 2001US $48,763,520
🇲🇾 LPG Tanker (Malaysia) 1999US $14,741,828

Ships for Sale in Kiribati, produce, trend

Kiribati is an archipelago of 33 islands and atolls located in the central Pacific Ocean. This nation has a growing maritime industry, and in recent years, the availability of vessels for sale has expanded in both size and number. In this article, we take a look at the top ships for sale in Kiribati from 2010 to 2020, the trend in those sales and the prominent shipyards in the region.

In 2010, vessels for sale in Kiribati were primarily fishing boats and smaller vessels. Small-scale shipyards began building powerboats and other vessel types, increasing the variety of vessels available for sale. In 2014, the demand for sailing boats and yachts began to rise, with more and more people involved in the sport of sailing. This led shipyards in Kiribati to begin offering larger vessels like cruise ships and passenger liners. By 2015 and 2016, the motor yacht and sailboat markets boomed in Kiribati, with demand continuing to grow in the ensuing years.

The trend in ship sales in Kiribati has been showing a steady rise since 2010. In 2019, the total number of vessels sold in Kiribati increased by over two hundred vessels compared to the previous year. This growth is attributed to an increase in demand for sailing boats, fishing boats and yachts from both recreational boaters and commercial operators.

The prominent shipyards in the region are located in Tarawa. These shipyards specialize in construction and repair of both recreational and commercial boats and ships. They offer a variety of services including custom design and construction of boats, engine repair and installation, hull repair and replacement, sail repair and rigging services, and navigational systems installation and repair. They also offer a range of maintenance services for all types of boats and ships.

So, in conclusion, thanks to a thriving shipbuilding industry and the many new vessels entering the market, more and more people are now able to access vessels for sale in Kiribati. The trend in ship sales has also been on an upward trajectory since 2010, so much so that the total number of vessels sold in the region has increased significantly in the last decade. A number of prominent shipyards in the region have also played their part, offering a variety of services and custom design options that have only added to the number of vessels available in Kiribati.

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