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Looking for a reliable and efficient motor tanker for your liquid cargo transportation needs? Look no further than this Inland motor tanker sailing under the flag of the Netherlands! With a length overall of 110 meters and a width of 11.4 meters, there's plenty of space to safely and securely transport your cargo. This type C tanker is perfect for carrying a wide variety of liquid cargo, making it a versatile addition to any fleet. Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a high-quality vessel at a great price! Contact us today to learn more.
For sale: Inland Motor Tanker sailing under the flag of Netherlands. This vessel can transport liquid cargo, type C, and measures 110 meters in LOA and 11.4 meters in width. With a spacious deck, this ship is perfect for safe and efficient transportation of your cargo. Don't miss the opportunity to own this versatile and reliable vessel! Contact us today for more information.
For Sale: A high-quality LPG tanker built in 2012 and flying the flag of Japan. This well-maintained vessel has a carrying capacity of 1833 cubic meters Liquid Gas and currently has a draught of 4.2 meters. With a length overall (LOA) of 71.15 meters and a width of 12.2 meters, this tanker is perfectly suited for transporting liquid gas in comfort and style. Ideal for business owners looking for a dependable, cost-effective LPG tanker to help them succeed in the industry. Don't let this opportunity pass you by – contact us today to learn more!
Looking for a reliable and high-performing tanker for your shipping needs? Look no further than this 2008 Oil/Chemical Tanker! With a carrying capacity of 38375 t DWT and length overall of 182.85 meters, this tanker is built to handle even the most demanding sea journeys. Plus, with Malta-flagged certification, you can be sure of her quality and safety. Don't miss out on the opportunity to add this exceptional tanker to your fleet - contact us today for more information!
Ship for SaleYearPrice, USD
🇨🇾 Ro-Ro Cargo (Cyprus) 1975US $1,445,061
Ro-Ro Cargo (Norway) 1979US $2,116,266
🇸🇬 Ro-Ro Cargo (Singapore) 1984US $3,117,235
Ro-Ro Cargo (Turkey) 1992US $5,404,494
🇵🇭 Ro-Ro Cargo (Philippines) 2010US $6,223,883
🇲🇭 Ro-Ro Cargo (Marshall Islands) 2010US $6,452,282
🇲🇹 Ro-Ro Cargo (Malta) 1995US $12,340,752
🇮🇹 Ro-Ro Cargo (Italy) 1979US $13,311,983
🇷🇺 Ro-Ro Cargo (Russia) 1971US $13,857,871
🇯🇵 Ro-Ro Cargo (Japan) 2000US $14,182,550
🇮🇹 Ro-Ro Cargo (Italy) 1971US $14,790,612
Ro-Ro Cargo (Turkey) 1971US $15,057,110
🇲🇭 Ro-Ro Cargo (Marshall Islands) 1992US $17,896,053
🇳🇱 Ro-Ro Cargo (Netherlands) 2000US $18,066,234
Ro-Ro Cargo (Greece) 2000US $18,413,662
🇸🇬 Ro-Ro Cargo (Singapore) 2000US $19,153,670
🇵🇹 Ro-Ro Cargo (Portugal) 1970US $21,286,262
🇵🇦 Ro-Ro Cargo (Panama) 1999US $25,993,220
Ro-Ro Cargo (Turkey) 2013US $27,086,600
🇮🇹 Ro-Ro Cargo (Italy) 1999US $28,818,570
Ro-Ro Cargo (Norway) 1999US $29,101,105
🇷🇺 Ro-Ro Cargo (Russia) 1999US $30,796,315
🇬🇧 Ro-Ro Cargo (United Kingdom) 2012US $42,707,332
🇸🇬 Ro-Ro Cargo (Singapore) 2006US $46,511,960
🇩🇰 Ro-Ro Cargo (Denmark) 2006US $47,602,289
🇻🇳 Ro-Ro Cargo (Vietnam) 2006US $48,579,158
🇺🇸 Ro-Ro Cargo (United States) 2006US $48,579,158
🇩🇰 Ro-Ro Cargo (Denmark) 1991US $49,003,091
Ro-Ro Cargo (Turkey) 2006US $50,129,556
🇮🇳 Ro-Ro Cargo (India) 2006US $54,780,752
Ro-Ro Cargo (Greece) 2006US $55,814,351
🇬🇧 Ro-Ro Cargo (United Kingdom) 2006US $56,331,151
🇧🇸 Ro-Ro Cargo (Bahamas) 2011US $56,398,364
🇺🇸 Ro-Ro Cargo (United States) 2020US $58,631,591
🇷🇺 Ro-Ro Cargo (Russia) 2006US $60,465,547
🇮🇩 Ro-Ro Cargo (Indonesia) 2006US $60,465,547
🇵🇹 Ro-Ro Cargo (Portugal) 2012US $60,644,062
🇦🇬 Ro-Ro Cargo (Antigua And Barbuda) 2006US $60,982,347
🇭🇰 Ro-Ro Cargo (Hong Kong S.A.R.) 2006US $62,015,946
🇮🇳 Ro-Ro Cargo (India) 1996US $68,458,112

Roll-on/roll-off (Ro-Ro) vessels are a type of ship designed for the transportation of wheeled cargo, such as vehicles and trailers. These ships have built-in ramps that allow cargo to be rolled on and off the vessel, hence the name "Ro-Ro."

Ro-Ro vessels are particularly useful for the transportation of vehicles, as they can carry a large number of cars, trucks, and other vehicles at once. They are also commonly used to transport heavy equipment and other large, bulky cargo.

Ro-Ro vessels are available for purchase in the form of new builds or used ships, depending on the buyer's needs and budget. These ships can be found for sale through ship brokers or through online marketplaces that specialize in the sale of commercial vessels.

When looking to purchase a Ro-Ro vessel, buyers should consider factors such as the ship's cargo capacity, age, and overall condition. It's also important to ensure that the vessel is in compliance with all relevant safety and environmental regulations.

Overall, Ro-Ro vessels are a versatile and efficient option for the transportation of wheeled cargo, and can be an excellent investment for shipping companies and other maritime businesses.

Ro-Ro Cargo history

This table shows the history of Ro-Ro Cargo sales and purchases by year. The first column, "Year", displays the year in which the sales and purchases took place. The second column, "Ro-Ro Cargo Sales Quantity", shows the number of LNG tankers sold in that year. The third column, "Purchase Quantity", shows the number of Ro-Ro Cargo purchased in that year. This table allows for a quick and easy comparison of LNG tanker sales and purchases over time, and can be used to track trends and make informed business decisions.

YearRo-Ro Cargo Sales QuantityRo-Ro Cargo Purchase Quantity

Ro-Ro Cargo Analytics

This list displays the quantity of Ro-Ro Cargo by country. The list is organized by geographic region, with each region represented by a heading. Under each heading, there is a list of countries and the number of ships associated with each country. For example, under the heading "Asia", the countries of China and Turkey are listed, along with the number of ships associated with each country. This list allows for a quick and easy comparison of ship ownership by country and can be used to track trends and make informed business decisions.

Ro-Ro Cargos in Africa

Quantity Years, Building
🇪🇬 Egypt 3 1986-2007
🇨🇲 Cameroon 9 1978-2000
🇨🇩 Congo 1 1974-1974
🇱🇷 Vessels in Liberya 1 2017-2017
🇹🇿 Ships in Tanzania 5 1978-1994
🇹🇳 Freighters Tunisia 4 1997-2000
🇨🇻 Freighters Cabo Verde 3 1979-2012
🇰🇲 Boats in Comoros 5 1975-1988
🇬🇶 Vessels in Equatorial Guinea 2 1978-1980
🇬🇦 Vessels in Gabon 1 1991-1991
🇸🇹 Vessels in Sao Tome And Principe 2 1977-1984
🇸🇱 Ships in Sierra Leone 2 1992-2010
🇹🇬 Togo 10 1962-1996

Ro-Ro Cargos in Americas

Quantity Years, Building
🇧🇴 Bolivia 2 1974-1985
🇨🇦 Boats in Canada 7 1973-2016
🇨🇺 Cuba 1 1996-1996
🇲🇽 Boats in Mexico 3 1977-2004
🇵🇦 Vessels in Panama 52 1972-2015
🇵🇾 Ships in Paraguay 1 1979-1979
🇺🇸 United States 3 1976-2015
🇨🇱 Vessels in Chile 5 1964-1993
🇧🇸 Vessels in Bahamas 3 1993-1996
🇰🇳 Ships in Saint Kitts And Nevis 10 1972-1989
🇻🇨 Ships in Saint Vincent And The Grenadines 4 1982-2004

Ro-Ro Cargos in Asia

Quantity Years, Building
🇦🇿 Azerbaijan 7 1985-2012
🇭🇰 Hong Kong S.A.R. 1 2000-2000
🇮🇩 Ships in Indonesia 9 1970-2017
🇮🇷 Iran 1 1986-1986
🇨🇾 Cyprus 6 1990-2009
🇨🇳 Vessels in China 1 1974-1974
🇰🇷 Korea South 12 1995-2012
🇱🇧 Ships in Lebanon 2 1979-1984
🇦🇪 Vessels in United Arab Emirates 1 1983-1983
🇸🇦 Saudi Arabia 7 1990-2014
🇸🇬 Singapore 3 1982-1995
Boats in Turkey 23 1967-2019
🇵🇭 Vessels in Philippines 5 1985-1995
🇯🇵 Freighters Japan 20 1994-2020

Ro-Ro Cargos in Europe

Quantity Years, Building
🇧🇪 Boats in Belgium 3 1997-2000
🇧🇬 Bulgaria 1 1978-1978
🇩🇪 Germany 2 2009-2010
Ships in Greece 5 1970-2000
🇩🇰 Ships in Denmark 18 1996-2020
🇪🇸 Vessels in Spain 8 1987-2010
🇮🇹 Italy 24 1955-2021
🇱🇹 Boats in Lithuania 4 2000-2017
🇱🇺 Luxembourg 2 1991-1991
🇲🇹 Malta 37 1991-2019
🇲🇩 Freighters Moldova 3 1971-1979
🇳🇱 Ships in Netherlands 13 1999-2011
Vessels in Norway 8 1969-2015
🇵🇹 Vessels in Portugal 3 1996-1999
🇷🇺 Russia 12 1970-2009
🇬🇧 Vessels in United Kingdom 16 1996-2019
🇫🇴 Vessels in Faroe Islands 1 1998-1998
🇫🇮 Finland 24 1972-2012
🇫🇷 France 9 1995-2013
🇸🇪 Freighters Sweden 8 1953-2013
🇪🇪 Vessels in Estonia 1 1978-1978

Ro-Ro Cargos in Oceania

Quantity Years, Building
🇦🇺 Australia 4 1997-2020
🇻🇺 Vanuatu 2 1980-2007
🇲🇭 Marshall Islands 4 1986-2004
🇹🇴 Ships in Tonga 1 1979-1979

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