Vessels for sale in Guinea-Bissau

Ship for SaleYearPrice, USD
🇸🇬 Passenger (Singapore) 1998US $17,558,769
🇯🇵 Passenger (Japan) 1965US $886,772
🇵🇦 Passenger (Panama) 2002US $57,024,500
🇺🇸 Passenger (United States) 1977US $16,502,878
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 1994US $12,546,307
🇩🇰 Passenger (Denmark) 2008US $26,220,820
🇩🇰 Passenger (Denmark) 1982US $9,340,802
🇰🇷 Crude Oil Tanker (Korea South) 2004US $15,354,843

Ships for Sale in Guinea-Bissau, produce, trend

In Guinea-Bissau, there has been an increased demand for vessels and ships for sale in the recent years. This is due to its advantageous geographical location, as it has access to both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Seas. In 2010, there were several vessels available for sale in Guinea-Bissau, from different shipyards and manufacturers.

Many of the ships and vessels available were used boats that were provided by foreign manufacturers and shipyards. These include vessels such as fishing boats, yachts, speedboats and cargo ships. In addition, there were several newly built vessels that were made in domestic shipyards. These included ferries, tugs and other larger vessels.

The trend in 2010 was a slight decrease in the number of vessels for sale in Guinea-Bissau, compared to 2009. This was mainly due to the decrease in demand for new vessels in the country. However, there was still a significant amount of used vessels available.

The majority of shipyards that exsit in Guinea-Bissau are located in the coastal city of Bissau. The majority of these shipyards specialize in the repair and maintenance of vessels, rather than the construction of new vessels. As such, most of the vessels for sale in Guinea-Bissau in 2010 were second-hand vessels.

In conclusion, there was a decreased demand for new vessels in Guinea-Bissau in 2010, compared to the previous year. However, there was still a considerable amount of used vessels for sale in the country. The majority of these vessels were sourced from foreign manufacturers and shipyards, as the majority of local shipyards specialize in repair and maintenance.

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