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Ships for Sale Now (12/06/2024)

For sale: Inland Motor Tanker sailing under the flag of Netherlands. This vessel can transport liquid cargo, type C, and measures 110 meters in LOA and 11.4 meters in width. With a spacious deck, this ship is perfect for safe and efficient transportation of your cargo. Don't miss the opportunity to own this versatile and reliable vessel! Contact us today for more information.
Looking for a reliable and efficient motor tanker for your liquid cargo transportation needs? Look no further than this Inland motor tanker sailing under the flag of the Netherlands! With a length overall of 110 meters and a width of 11.4 meters, there's plenty of space to safely and securely transport your cargo. This type C tanker is perfect for carrying a wide variety of liquid cargo, making it a versatile addition to any fleet. Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a high-quality vessel at a great price! Contact us today to learn more.
For Sale: A high-quality LPG tanker built in 2012 and flying the flag of Japan. This well-maintained vessel has a carrying capacity of 1833 cubic meters Liquid Gas and currently has a draught of 4.2 meters. With a length overall (LOA) of 71.15 meters and a width of 12.2 meters, this tanker is perfectly suited for transporting liquid gas in comfort and style. Ideal for business owners looking for a dependable, cost-effective LPG tanker to help them succeed in the industry. Don't let this opportunity pass you by – contact us today to learn more!
Looking for a reliable and high-performing tanker for your shipping needs? Look no further than this 2008 Oil/Chemical Tanker! With a carrying capacity of 38375 t DWT and length overall of 182.85 meters, this tanker is built to handle even the most demanding sea journeys. Plus, with Malta-flagged certification, you can be sure of her quality and safety. Don't miss out on the opportunity to add this exceptional tanker to your fleet - contact us today for more information!
Ship for SaleYearPrice, USD
🇮🇩 Bulk Carrier (Indonesia) 2016US $5,067,891
🇮🇩 Bulk Carrier (Indonesia) 2004US $5,690,673
🇮🇩 Container Ship (Indonesia) 2006US $8,315,241
🇮🇩 Container Ship (Indonesia) 2015US $33,429,933
🇮🇩 Container Ship (Indonesia) 1999US $14,040,215
🇮🇩 Container Ship (Indonesia) 2006US $24,128,711
🇮🇩 Container Ship (Indonesia) 2018US $23,949,330
🇮🇩 Container Ship (Indonesia) 2003US $6,898,455
🇮🇩 Container Ship (Indonesia) 2016US $53,920,894
🇮🇩 Container Ship (Indonesia) 2006US $18,243,370
🇮🇩 Container Ship (Indonesia) 2008US $7,206,677
🇮🇩 Container Ship (Indonesia) 2003US $13,995,861
🇮🇩 Container Ship (Indonesia) 2009US $3,099,259
🇮🇩 Container Ship (Indonesia) 2006US $16,729,422
🇮🇩 Container Ship (Indonesia) 2010US $36,779,112
🇮🇩 Container Ship (Indonesia) 2002US $3,061,860
🇮🇩 Container Ship (Indonesia) 2011US $21,328,040
🇮🇩 Crude Oil Tanker (Indonesia) 1979US $18,121,698
🇮🇩 General Cargo (Indonesia) 1965US $8,585,483
🇮🇩 General Cargo (Indonesia) 1965US $1,143,992
🇮🇩 General Cargo (Indonesia) 2008US $52,068,937
🇮🇩 General Cargo (Indonesia) 1968US $30,881,969
🇮🇩 General Cargo (Indonesia) 2013US $37,320,611
🇮🇩 General Cargo (Indonesia) 1983US $52,070,842
🇮🇩 General Cargo (Indonesia) 2007US $13,292,656
🇮🇩 General Cargo (Indonesia) 1968US $9,705,698
🇮🇩 General Cargo (Indonesia) 1985US $1,150,320
🇮🇩 General Cargo (Indonesia) 2013US $14,788,956
🇮🇩 LNG Tanker (Indonesia) 2006US $17,951,728
🇮🇩 LNG Tanker (Indonesia) 2007US $13,921,302
🇮🇩 LPG Tanker (Indonesia) 1981US $67,523,848
🇮🇩 Oil/Chemical Tanker (Indonesia) 2010US $5,349,571
🇮🇩 Oil/Chemical Tanker (Indonesia) 2014US $1,937,050
🇮🇩 Oil/Chemical Tanker (Indonesia) 2010US $2,780,278
🇮🇩 Oil/Chemical Tanker (Indonesia) 2016US $11,126,095
🇮🇩 Oil/Chemical Tanker (Indonesia) 2001US $2,043,514
🇮🇩 Oil/Chemical Tanker (Indonesia) 2010US $1,706,303
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 2015US $12,181,841
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 2004US $2,326,796
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 2008US $11,507,190
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 1980US $1,953,368
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 1993US $5,935,790
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 1987US $4,815,639
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 1972US $8,030,889
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 1973US $2,911,022
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 2004US $2,282,050
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 2002US $4,404,439
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 2013US $4,857,232
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 2011US $1,764,645
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 1997US $5,853,520
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 1977US $13,996,269
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 2010US $26,174,020
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 1989US $13,301,820
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 2001US $24,736,404
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 1974US $656,409
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 2019US $25,424,152
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 1996US $6,817,426
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 1993US $6,483,879
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 1990US $13,838,855
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 1994US $7,291,397
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 1993US $14,497,458
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 1994US $15,112,388
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 1994US $12,546,307
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 2008US $1,397,323
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 1993US $1,775,010
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 1990US $6,780,951
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 1999US $12,677,231
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 2004US $23,110,074
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 2011US $29,695,861
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 1996US $39,692,289
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 2016US $29,157,995
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 1982US $1,708,851
🇮🇩 Ro-Ro Cargo (Indonesia) 2006US $60,465,547

Ships for Sale in Indonesia, produce, trend

Indonesia is home to a large maritime industry and its supply of ships is growing rapidly. In recent years, Indonesia has experienced a notable increase in the number of ships for sale in the country, driven primarily by the advance in technology and the rise in demand for larger vessels for commercial and leisure use. To meet the demands of Indonesia's burgeoning maritime trade and travel, the number of ships for sale in the country has grown exponentially.

The country currently has over 330 regional and international shipyard contractors and over 275 ships for sale. In the past few years, Indonesia has seen a dramatic increase in all sizes and categories of ships. Generally, the most popular vessels are the fishing boats, tankers, cargo ships, tugboats, ferries and cruise ships.

In terms of trend, the number of ships for sale in Indonesia has seen a steady rise over the past several years. The number of new orders placed by shipyard operators and other ship-related firms has increased significantly over the past few years, leading to an increase in the number of new vessels entering into service. Moreover, the increase in demand for larger ships has pushed the shipyard operators to invest more in larger vessels and buildings.

Despite being one of the largest shipbuilding nations in the world, shipyard infrastructure in Indonesia is still developing. The majority of modern shipyards are located in the northern part of the country, mainly in the Riau Islands and other areas of Sumatra. Currently, most of the modern shipyards are privately owned companies that employ a mix of foreign and local contractors to produce vessels.

Overall, ships for sale in Indonesia are growing in demand as the country continues to expand its maritime industry. The growing demand for larger vessels and the advances in shipbuilding technologies have driven the number of ships for sale up significantly. With a well-developed shipping industry, a plethora of shipyards and a steady flow of new orders, the number of vessels available in Indonesia is only likely to continue to grow in the coming years.

Shipyard in Indonesia

Map of the shipyards in Indonesia. If you need to build a new ship or you are looking for a place where you need to repair. You can contact us and we will definitely help you. Mail to [email protected]

  6. Hamdok Jakarta - PT.Dok Duasatu Nusantara Jalan Industri II No.8 Pelabuhan Tanjung Priok Jakarta Utara, 14310 Jakarta, Indonesia, +62 21 430 3449
  7. Hamdok Tegal - PT. Sarana Bahtera Shipyard Jalan Jawa No. 28 Mintaragen Pelabuhan Tegal, 52121 Tegal, Indonesia, (0283) 4533233
  13. KTU Shipyard
  14. PT. United Sindo Perkasa
  16. Multi Ocean Shipyard Gedung Plaza marein Lt 21, Jalan Sudirman Kav 76-78, 12910 Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
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