Vessels for sale in Morocco

Ship for SaleYearPrice, USD
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 1995US $2,077,826
🇱🇷 Oil/Chemical Tanker (Liberya) 2007US $1,501,369
🇲🇾 Bulk Carrier (Malaysia) 2001US $1,430,265
🇮🇹 Passenger (Italy) 2020US $15,658,091
Bulk Carrier (Greece) 1996US $1,204,938
🇧🇸 Container Ship (Bahamas) 2000US $3,181,358
🇲🇾 Passenger (Malaysia) 1957US $844,782
🇲🇭 Passenger (Marshall Islands) 2007US $58,985,445

Ships for Sale in Morocco, produce, trend

The maritime industry in Morocco is an important economic driver. In recent years, the number of ships and vessels for sale or in use has seen significant growth. This includes both commercial vessels such as container ships, fishing vessels, and tugs, as well as recreational vessels that are used for leisure or racing.

The primary location for new and used boat sales in Morocco is the shipyards in Casablanca and Tanger. Here, boat owners and buyers can find a wide range of vessels from foreign and local manufacturers. Small and mid-sized vessels are generally used in fishing and leisure activities, while larger vessels are typically intended for commercial use.

In terms of trends in vessel sales in Morocco, it can be seen that there has been a steady increase in the number of new vessels sold since 2012. This is likely due to an increase in demand from commercial operators such as container ships and fishing fleets, as well as from recreational boaters. Additionally, the popularity of Morocco as a tourist destination has also likely contributed to the surge in sales.

In terms of shipyards and marinas, the major operators in Morocco include the Casablanca Shipyard and Jounieh Marina. Both offer state-of-the-art facilities, offering boat owners an impressive range of services including repairs, maintenance, and storage.

Overall, the maritime industry in Morocco has seen significant growth in recent years, particularly in terms of vessels for sale. From commercial operators to recreational boaters, the number of vessels available has grown significantly since 2012. Shipyards such as the Casablanca Shipyard and Jounieh Marina continue to provide excellent services, enabling private and corporate owners to get the most out of their vessels.

Shipyard in Morocco

Map of the shipyards in Morocco. If you need to build a new ship or you are looking for a place where you need to repair. You can contact us and we will definitely help you. Mail to [email protected]

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