Vessels for sale in Belgium

Ship for SaleYearPrice, USD
🇷🇺 Passenger (Russia) 1982US $17,857,733
🇨🇾 Passenger (Cyprus) 1986US $15,697,247
🇮🇩 Container Ship (Indonesia) 2006US $8,315,241
🇸🇬 General Cargo (Singapore) 1965US $7,435,642
Passenger (Greece) 1971US $2,544,865
🇨🇾 Passenger (Cyprus) 2000US $21,883,313
Container Ship (Norway) 1999US $3,896,532
🇵🇭 Container Ship (Philippines) 2015US $18,708,882

Ships for Sale in Belgium, produce, trend

Belgium is home to a thriving maritime industry, with a variety of ships, vessels and boats in operation. The country is known for producing high-quality vessels and is a major contributor to the global ship and boat industry. In the past decade, the number of ships and vessels built in Belgium has grown steadily.

In 2011, the total number of ships and vessels in port in Belgium was around 5,000. This number has since continued to grow, with the most recent figures showing that there are currently over 6,000 vessels in port. There are a variety of types of ships for sale in Belgium, and it is estimated that over 2,500 of these vessels are available for purchase.

The most popular types of ships for sale in Belgium are passenger vessels, cargo vessels, and speciality vessels such as fishing boats and yachts. Passenger vessels are in high demand as they offer convenient transport services and provide an ideal form of leisure transportation. Cargo vessels are important for hauling large amounts of goods, and speciality vessels are used for various recreational activities.

The shipyard and repair industry in Belgium is an area of expertise in which the country is a leader. Shipyards in the country have experience in the design, construction and repair of all types of ships and vessels. There are several major shipyards in Belgium, including Royal De Schelde and Antwerp Shipyard. These companies employ a workforce of highly-skilled engineers who strive to build and maintain high quality vessels.

In terms of trends, it is notable that the growth rate of ships and vessels in Belgium has shown a gradual decline in recent years. Despite this decline, the industry remains a successful one, with many ships and vessels in operation. Furthermore, the Belgian government has actively sought to promote the maritime industry. This has seen a resurgence in the industry, with investment in new technologies, the promotion of advanced safety measures and initiatives to boost tourism.

It is clear that the ship and vessel industry in Belgium continues to bring economic growth to the country. With an increasing number of ships and vessels in operation and a number of major shipyards still active, the future of the industry in Belgium looks secure. Furthermore, with the government’s support and investment, it is likely that the industry will continue to prosper for many years to come.

Shipyard in Belgium

Map of the shipyards in Belgium. If you need to build a new ship or you are looking for a place where you need to repair. You can contact us and we will definitely help you. Mail to [email protected]

  1. EDR Antwerp Shipyard Industrieweg 11, 2030 Antwerp, Belgium, +32 3 542 31 30
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