Vessels for sale in Switzerland

Ship for SaleYearPrice, USD
🇮🇩 Container Ship (Indonesia) 2018US $23,949,330
🇮🇩 Container Ship (Indonesia) 1999US $14,040,215
General Cargo (Turkey) 1965US $7,588,954
🇨🇾 Container Ship (Cyprus) 2003US $24,134,065
🇲🇾 Oil/Chemical Tanker (Malaysia) 2011US $513,677
Passenger (Greece) 1986US $10,908,143
🇭🇰 Passenger (Hong Kong S.A.R.) 2015US $10,360,257
🇰🇷 Passenger (Korea South) 2009US $3,000,575

Ships for Sale in Switzerland, produce, trend

The Swiss market for sales vessels has been a relatively quiet one for several years. However, the last decade has seen a resurgence in the number of vessels available for purchase in the country. The majority of the vessels available for sale are luxury yachts, though there are also a number of smaller motor boats and sailing vessels on the market as well.

The region around Lake Geneva is one of the most active areas in terms of sales vessels in Switzerland. This is due to its proximity to the top yacht builders in Europe, as well as its long-standing reputation as a premier vacation spot. The majority of the available vessels are luxury yachts, typically valued in the millions of dollars. The demand for these vessels is driven by the well-heeled clientele of the region, which has led to a large number of vessels being available for purchase.

The other major market for sales vessels in Switzerland is the Rhone River. Here, the focus is more on smaller motor boats, typically valued in the tens of thousands of dollars. The majority of these vessels are used for recreational purposes such as fishing and weekend cruising. However, some of these smaller vessels are also used for commercial operations, such as ferry services in the region. The demand for these vessels is typically driven by small-business owners and professionals in the area.

When it comes to shipyards, Switzerland is home to a number of small-scale and medium-scale yards that specialize in sales vessels. These shipyards are typically family-run, and offer a wide range of services such as custom building, repair and maintenance. Most of the yards are located in the vicinity of Lake Geneva, the Rhone River and other points along the Swiss coast.

Overall, the market for sales vessels in Switzerland has grown steadily over the last decade. This has led to an increased availability of vessels in the country, offering a wide range of options for both luxury yacht buyers and those looking for smaller motor boats or sailboats. The growth in the market is expected to continue in the coming years, with some of the larger shipyards in the country investing heavily in expanding their operations.

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