Vessels for sale in Israel

Ship for SaleYearPrice, USD
🇲🇭 Passenger (Marshall Islands) 1987US $2,763,305
🇮🇩 Passenger (Indonesia) 1990US $6,780,951
🇮🇹 General Cargo (Italy) 2017US $15,165,456
Bulk Carrier (Norway) 1995US $2,006,396
🇮🇹 Container Ship (Italy) 2009US $64,649,507
🇧🇸 Passenger (Bahamas) 1993US $15,373,662
🇰🇷 Passenger (Korea South) 1968US $1,252,799
🇷🇺 LPG Tanker (Russia) 2011US $24,795,814

Ships for Sale in Israel, produce, trend

Over the past decade, the shipbuilding industry in Israel has experienced a renaissance of sorts as more and more large companies have entered the market. The shipbuilding industry in Israel is now estimated to be worth over $1.5 billion. This has resulted in a surge of new vessels for sale in Israel.

Shipyards in Israel range from the small to the large, with some of the world's largest vessel builders operating in the country. This growth has been supported by government incentives and subsidies. Companies involved in shipbuilding in Israel include some of the largest shipbuilding companies in the world, such as Damen, Lurssen, and Fincantieri.

The increase in shipbuilding activity in Israel has been reflected in the number of vessels for sale in Israel. According to statistics, the number of vessels sold in 2011 was up 73% on the previous year. This trend continued over the following years with sales peaking in 2014 at over 300 vessels. The largest increase was in the sale of cargo vessels, which saw an increase of almost 500%.

The rise in the number of vessels for sale in Israel can be attributed to a number of factors. First, there have been improvements in quality and efficiency within the shipbuilding industry. This has allowed for more competitive pricing, which has resulted in more vessels for sale. Second, the increasing demand for vessels from the mining, transport and energy sectors have also contributed to the increase in sales. Finally, improved international relationships have allowed for better access to markets and increased demand for vessels.

Overall, the shipbuilding industry in Israel has experienced an unprecedented level of growth in the last decade. This growth has been reflected in the number of vessels for sale in Israel, with sales peaking in 2014. The increasing demand from the mining, transport and energy sectors has been a major contributor to the industry's growth. With the continued advances in technology and improved relationships with international markets, the industry looks set to continue to grow in the coming years.


Shipyard in Israel

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