Vessels for sale in Malta

Ship for SaleYearPrice, USD
🇲🇹 Bulk Carrier (Malta) 2008US $16,229,513
🇲🇹 Bulk Carrier (Malta) 2010US $1,893,275
🇲🇹 Container Ship (Malta) 2007US $21,773,944
🇲🇹 Container Ship (Malta) 2004US $3,347,357
🇲🇹 Container Ship (Malta) 2004US $14,550,159
🇲🇹 Container Ship (Malta) 2015US $34,489,295
🇲🇹 Container Ship (Malta) 2002US $1,862,845
🇲🇹 Container Ship (Malta) 2019US $47,084,872
🇲🇹 Container Ship (Malta) 2008US $2,697,789
🇲🇹 Container Ship (Malta) 2007US $3,206,404
🇲🇹 Container Ship (Malta) 2009US $4,254,109
🇲🇹 Container Ship (Malta) 2017US $14,837,658
🇲🇹 Container Ship (Malta) 1997US $10,345,436
🇲🇹 Container Ship (Malta) 2006US $4,631,283
🇲🇹 Crude Oil Tanker (Malta) 1999US $30,272,323
🇲🇹 General Cargo (Malta) 1965US $7,742,266
🇲🇹 General Cargo (Malta) 1946US $3,111,059
🇲🇹 General Cargo (Malta) 1978US $50,393,392
🇲🇹 General Cargo (Malta) 1980US $5,205,743
🇲🇹 General Cargo (Malta) 2005US $8,308,533
🇲🇹 General Cargo (Malta) 2004US $9,340,610
🇲🇹 LNG Tanker (Malta) 2007US $36,553,434
🇲🇹 LNG Tanker (Malta) 2021US $33,115,681
🇲🇹 LNG Tanker (Malta) 1984US $12,638,481
🇲🇹 LNG Tanker (Malta) 1990US $11,014,131
🇲🇹 LPG Tanker (Malta) 2015US $5,776,046
🇲🇹 Oil/Chemical Tanker (Malta) 2009US $2,016,955
🇲🇹 Oil/Chemical Tanker (Malta) 2004US $1,704,570
🇲🇹 Oil/Chemical Tanker (Malta) 2010US $3,740,899
🇲🇹 Oil/Chemical Tanker (Malta) 2018US $26,912,055
🇲🇹 Oil/Chemical Tanker (Malta) 2008US $2,902,907
🇲🇹 Oil/Chemical Tanker (Malta) 1999US $1,301,470
🇲🇹 Oil/Chemical Tanker (Malta) 1999US $4,272,803
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 1995US $2,077,826
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 2010US $8,335,404
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 2020US $12,712,083
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 1987US $4,265,280
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 1979US $1,230,508
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 1981US $13,760,574
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 1993US $15,107,914
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 1989US $6,221,354
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 1972US $5,043,081
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 1991US $29,626,743
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 1977US $1,258,364
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 2006US $5,948,843
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 1993US $13,774,924
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 1989US $2,568,138
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 2000US $21,130,414
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 2003US $16,991,519
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 2009US $28,271,374
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 1972US $29,113,079
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 1975US $5,410,330
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 2019US $7,370,739
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 1957US $14,232,671
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 2015US $6,631,284
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 2019US $25,179,689
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 2000US $16,276,920
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 1994US $17,656,057
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 1998US $18,211,174
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 1996US $7,524,895
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 2010US $68,031,354
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 2006US $956,555
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 1993US $3,042,505
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 1999US $57,394,412
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 1988US $14,367,756
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 2008US $5,869,393
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 2002US $32,235,758
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 1977US $15,669,400
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 1985US $5,380,097
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 1970US $939,456
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 1979US $2,821,130
🇲🇹 Passenger (Malta) 2014US $7,773,929
🇲🇹 Ro-Ro Cargo (Malta) 1995US $12,340,752

Ships for Sale in Malta, produce, trend

Malta is one of the most popular locations for people interested in ships for sale, whether for recreational or commercial purposes. From 2009 to the present, a number of ships have been for sale in Malta, in all different shapes and sizes, from luxury yachts to fishing boats.

The rise in ships for sale in Malta since 2009 can mainly be attributed to the expansion of shipyards, with the largest Maltese yards, NSM Group, opening up in 2013 in the southern part of Malta. NSM is one of the main shipbuilders in Malta, building state-of-the-art vessels and boats, mainly for recreational and leisure purposes.

Since the opening of the NSM Group shipyard, the number of ships for sale in Malta has steadily grown, particularly in the luxury and leisure boat market. This can be attributed to the high-quality services and products offered by NSM Group, which include new and used vessels as well as maintenance and repair services.

The sales trend of vessels in Malta over the past decade reflects the increasing interest of both locals and foreigners in ships and boats. This is mainly due to the fact that the recreational boats and yachts are becoming increasingly popular. Various surveys conducted over recent years have found an increase of over 20 percent in the sale of leisure boats since 2009. The sale of used vessels has also increased significantly, from only 10 percent in 2009 to nearly 40 percent in 2019.

The sale of commercial vessels has remained relatively stable over the past decade. Although the sale of commercial vessels has declined from a peak of over 40 percent in 2011, it has since remained steady and is now approximately 30 percent. This is due to the growing popularity of recreational boats, which has seen a shift in the market towards leisure and pleasure vessels.

Malta has become one of the leading countries in the sale of ships and boats, thanks to the high quality of craftsmanship and services at NSM Group's shipyard. With demand continuing to grow, more and more ships and boats are expected to be available for sale in the coming years.

Shipyard in Malta

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